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Parenting experts advise us not to ask our children, upon picking them up from school, “how was school?” Often, “good,” is the common response, or sometimes,  it’s “bad.”

Asking kids what they learned in school that day is a better way for adults to learn about what they are experiencing. That’s because when we talk about what we learn, we invite people into our real lives. We also find invaluable opportunities for reflection and growth.

I have been a teacher for more than 20 years. I have been a student — whether officially or unofficially — for many more.

At 10, I taught imaginary students classes on grammar while my mother, a professor, held office hours. At 15, I became a counselor at a local day camp and served bug juice to kids who’d signed up for a mod in newspaper. At 20, I taught my first “real” class on Tuesday mornings as a TA for a writing professor at college. At 22, I began my career in education, teaching English classes to high school students since 1997.

When I moved into school administration a few years ago, I found that I really missed the daily teaching and learning that is unique to the classroom. So I started this blog. I’ll do my best to post regularly when school is in session, and sometimes when it’s not. Thanks for reading!

Jessica Flaxman

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  1. renee cohen

    so happy to following you and your writing! love your words….
    also makes me feel like i’m not so far away from you-hope all is well! xoxo


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